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Appendix C History/115

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Appendix C

The Confederation Government

Part One: Table

Fill in the following table with bullet points indicating the strengths and weaknesses of the Confederation government.

|The Confederation Government |
|Strengths |Weaknesses |
|Established a republican form of government. |National government had no power to tax. |
|Created Northwest Ordinance |Only allowed one vote per state regardless of the population. |
|United States had established diplomatic relationships with |National government didn’t have the ability to enforce any |
|foreign countries. |decisions of the Congress |
|United States started borrowing money from international lenders. |There was no national court system to help. |
|Continental Army won the war against Great Britain. |Amendments were only allowed in the 13 states. |
|Also the United States negotiated a peace settlement with Great |Any decisions that had to do with money needed 9 out of 13 states |
|Britain. |to agree with. |
|Established the name of the confederation as “The United States of| |
|America.” | |

Part Two: Summary

In 150 to 200 words,

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