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Approaches of Crm

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CRM – Customer Relationship Management
Bianka Parragh, Phd

Óbuda University Keleti Károly Faculty of Business and Management Institute of Enterprise Management

• Approaches of Customer Relationship Management • The origins of CRM • The rise of CRM • The role of CRM • Types of CRM




In the late 1990s and early year of the 21th century, CRM was offered up as the next wave of marketing. The tools and techniques that would make traditional marketing obsolete. The automated approaches that would make customer relationships automatic and would enable the marketing organization to shell anything to anyone they chose. CRM was the single solution that would solve every marketing problem. Simply install the software, plug in the customer data and sit back and watch the profils roll in. But it wasn’t that simple. It wasn’t that easy. And, it simply didn’t work that way. Millions of dollars anp pounds and yen and Euros were spent on CRM systems, software and structures but, not enough seemed to come back.

The five important things are about the book’s approach to CRM
1.Strategic, not more tactics. CRM is a business decision, made by business managers to achieve business goals. So, most of all, this approach to CRM is strategic. 2. Customers, not companies. Payne’s approach puts the company and the customer in perspective. If there is no benefits to the customer, there can be no benefit to the company. CRM is reciprocal process. 3. Process, not software. The found is something the organization does, not something the IT group or the marketing department, does or the customer service group does. Process is the key to CRM. 4.Outcomes, not inputs. The focus in on outcomes. What is supposed to happen as a result of the implementation of a CRM approach. 5.Long-term, not short-term, views. Payne describes CRM through...

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