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The Best Moments in My Life My favorite time of the week it Is definitely Thursdays at five forty-five in the afternoon, because that’s the time my last class of the week ends, also it’s the time when can relax and spend time with my family and people that I love. The first reason that I love five forty-five Thursdays, is the end of my last class of the week. After spending almost six hours at Valencia every Thursday, I look forward to see on my cell phone Five forty- five even though I still have to do homework and study I know that I do not have to think about going to Valencia for the next three days. My last class its two hours and forty-one minutes long, and I really think it is too long so I really look forward for this great time. Another reason that my favorite time of the week is Thursdays at five forty-five is that at this time I can relax and spend time with my family usually my mom works in the morning, and sometimes she works at night, so I really do not have time to spend with my mom. Nevertheless, the weeks that she does not work at night after I get out of class, we go shopping or we go to eat so we can catch up with all the things that happened to us that week. Also, I spend time with my little sister; I love to help her with her homework or even when she has school projects. Although Thursday it is not officially the weekend for a lot of people, for me it is. At five forty-five I can say that my three day weekend has officially begun, at this time I can stop thinking about all my classes for that week, also I can relax and I have all the time to spend with my family and people that I love. I would definitely say that Thursday...

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