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Arrogance In The Odyssey

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Throughout the Odyssey, Odysseus exhibits his most prominent heroic trait of courage, but unfortunately, also demonstrates the human characteristic of arrogance. Even though Odysseus is seen as a hero, he has bad qualities too. Odysseus has the two main qualities of courage and arrogance which he demonstrates while fighting the cyclops and traveling throughout the seas with his crew. Homer exhibits these traits all throughout the story by presenting Odysseus as a war like hero with no flaws, when further throughout the story you are able to see all of Odysseus most human like qualities. . Odysseus has many characteristics that he portrays all throughout the book of the Odyssey. A couple of his most prominent heroic qualities are courage …show more content…
He has just defeated the cyclops and is getting onboard with his crew members when he yells, “So they begged/ but they could not bring my fighting spirit round. / I called back with another burst of anger, ‘Cyclops—if any man on the face of the earth should ask you/ who blinded you, shammed you so- say Odysseus/ raider of cities, he gouged out your eye.” (9.558-561) Odysseus is bragging about how he gouged out the cyclops eye while putting his crew in danger. The cyclops is hurling jagged rocks at the ship, but Odysseus is too focused on what he has accomplished than caring about his crew. When Odysseus get in situations where he senses the need to show his manliness, he becomes arrogant and feels the need to brag about himself. Odysseus gets teased by Laodamas which makes him feel the need to prove himself. When Odysseus demonstrates himself worthy by coming out on top, he again begins to brag about his accomplishments. “Now go math that, you young pups, and straightaway/ ill hurl you another one just as far, I swear, or even farther! / All the rest of you, anyone with the spine and spirt/ setup right up and try me” (8.233-236) As soon as he wins something he makes a big deal about it which is why arrogance is Odysseys most human like characteristic. Finally, another example of Odysseus arrogance characteristic is when he cheats on his wife with the goddess Calypso. “Look at my wise Penelope. She falls short of you, / your beauty, stature. She is mortal after all/ and you, you never age or die…” (5. 239-241) Odysseus has a beautiful wife at home, but he still decided to cheat on her with the

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