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| | | Mohammed Fouad Mustafa Amer | Zawyet EL- Dahmani /Tripoli/ LibyaMob. : +218918829335 Email: m_f_primavera_p6@yahoo.comDate of Birth: October 8 , 1982 | | | | |

| | | Profile | | | | | | I am a friendly, loyal and clearly dedicated individual who has an ambition to succeed in any given environment. I love to learn, and I am always up to a challenge whatever the situation. I get along well with others, with also working efficiently on my own. | | | Objective Seeking for a competitive opportunity and to work for your leading international construction company, that matches my field of interest where my abilities and skills can be developed, my knowledge can be applied and extensive training will be used. | | | Education | | | * Bachelor of Civil Engineering Menofia University / Egypt * Graduation Date: May 2006. * Graduation Grade: Good. * Graduation project Title : Survey * Graduation Project degree : Excellent | | | | | | | Work experience * Planner And Technical Office Engineer at Immar Tripoli Construction Company (Libya) from 1ST March 2010 to 23rd March 2011 * Work I have Supervised:- * Sandoq AL-Daman AL-Egtema (Social Assurance) (With Approximated Average Cost 50 Million L.D) * Planning & Technical office work * Consulting Civil Engineer at EL- Nahda Consulting Office (Libya) / from 21ST February 2009 to 28th February 2010 * Work I have Supervised:- * EL _ kerimeyya New Souq (With Approximated Average Cost 70 Million L.D) * Technical office work (B.O.Q of actual works and material) * Scheduler And Technical Office Engineer at Engineering Management for 6th October Club (Egypt) / from 1ST April 2008 to 5th February 2009 * Work I have Supervised:- * International squash playgrounds compound (With Approximated Average Cost 6.0 Million L.E) * Horsing track (including buildings) (With Approximated Average Cost 1.5 Million L.E) * International fighting square (With Approximated Average Cost 5.0 Million L.E) * Extension building to the fighting square (With Approximated Average Cost 1.2 Million L.E) * Random works (landscaping, generated electricity rooms) (With Approximated Average Cost 0.5 Million L.E) * Technical office work (B.O.Q of actual works and material) * Civil Engineer Through the Military Service (Egyptian Armed Forces) / from 1st March 2007 to 1st March 2008 * Work I have Supervised:- * Military and Managerial Constructions for The Armed Forces. * Site Engineer at Misr Company For construction (Egypt) / from 15th June 2006 to 15th January 2007 * Work I have Supervised:- * (5) Villas in New Cairo (With Approximated Average Cost 5.0 Million L.E) * Hospital in Nasr City (With Approximated Average Cost 3.0 Million L.E) * Civil and Managerial buildings in Monofeya (With Approximated Average Cost 1.6 Million L.E) * Technical office work (B.O.Q of actual works and material)Curricular activities Teaching And Training Primavera Project Management (P6 Rel 8.1) * Authorization From Academy of Graduate Studies For Some Companies. * The Libyan-Korean for Construction and Engineering Company (LKCE) staff. * Hannabal Consultant Bureau staff. * Libyan Saraya Construction Company staff. * EL- Motafekoun Construction Company staff…. (More Than One Group). * United Group Company (uGe) staff. * Enma Int'l For Real Estate Investment staff. * LTT(Libya Telecom and Technology) staff. * (LIDCO) (LIBYAN INVESTMENT AND DEVELOPMENT COMPANY)staff. * DLC (Doret Libya For Construction Company) staff. * Doom Consulting Office staff. * Tatweer Investment Company staff. * Tebaq Construction Company Staff. Training * Summer training (2005) at Finishing Department Maglis EL-Madina, Shbin EL- Kom, Egypt . | | | Courses * Has Successfully Completed The (ORACLE) University Course In Primavera Project Planner (P6- Rel 7) with 35PDUs In (Basic & Advanced & Resource) Management. “Credit Hour : 35 hours” * Professional Diploma in (Auto-cad, Sap, Primavera) with degree (Excellent) From Yet Education Center, Duration (90hour) Through period: 30.6.200 to 27.10.2005. * Practical course in (Leveling – Thiodolete – Total Station) From Center of Engineering Researches and Consulting Through period 24.1.2005 to : 8.2.2005. * Outstanding acquaintance with Windows Vista – and all Previous Versions – and MS Office applications. * Have the ability of quick learning any computer Software. Very capable of using Internet and do researches and reports. |
Key Personal Skills * Highly communication Skills. - Fast & Self learning capabilities. * Negotiating & Persuading Skills. - Analytical & problem solving skills. * Accurate and pays attention to detail. - Flexibility and Ability to adapt. * Enthusiasm and eagerness for work. - Loyal and Belonging. | | | | | | Personal Data | | | | | | Nationality: Egyptian Marital Status: Married. Military Status: Finished. Driving License: Valid. Hobbies & Interests: Swimming and Reading. | | |

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