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Barack Obama: Back to School

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Barack Obama: Back to school
On September 8, 2009 was Barack Obama visiting Wakefield High School. Barack Obama held a Speech “Back to school event” for the first day at school on national television. In this Speech he stressed the importance of education. He would spread a message across the country: do not give up, do not quit because: “you’re not just quitting on yourself, you’re quitting on your country” (l.63-64).
The rhetoric in this speech that Barack Obama held to all American pupils is a classic way of build-ing it up: The opening is first. Here Obama says hello and talks about the first day in the semester. Then the narrative, which is some background information. Here Barack Obama talks about his own experience as a pupil. After the narrative comes the argumentation. In the argumentation is all the main weight of the speech. He talks about obligation, the future for the students and so on. Then the ending is coming. Here Barack Obama concludes what he expects from all the students
Barack Obama starts off by addressing the audience personally in the very first line, “Hello every-one – how's everybody doing today?” (l.1). He sets the scene and reaffirms his authority not just as the most powerful man in the world but, more importantly, as an equal. That Barack Obama uses ethos creates a much more personal relationship between him and the listeners. After Barack Obama has welcomed all of the students at Wakefield High School and the rest of the American pupils, who are watching it on national television, he starts with a little introduction. In the intro-duction he talks about how it is the first day at school and for some it is the first day on a new edu-cational institution. Barack Obama talks about how the students wishes that it still was summer and they still could have stayed in bed longer. Then he says that when he was pupil he also wanted the...

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