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Praise for Succeeding with Agile
“Understanding the mechanics of an agile process is just not enough. Mike Cohn has compiled a superb and comprehensive collection of advice that will help individuals and teams with the intricate task of adopting and adapting agile processes to fit their specific challenges. This book will become the definitive handbook for agile teams.” —Colin Bird, Global Head of Agile, EMC Consulting “Mike Cohn’s experience working with so many different organizations in the adoption of agile methods shines through with practical approaches and valuable insights. If you really want agile methods to stick, this is the book to read.” —Jeff Honious,Vice President, Innovation, Reed Elsevier “Mike Cohn has done it again. Succeeding with Agile is based on his experience, and all of our experience, with agile to date. He covers from the earliest days of the project up to maturity and offers advice for the individual, the team, and the enterprise. No matter where you are in the agile cycle, this book has something for you!” —Ron Jeffries, “If you want to start or take the next step in agile software development, this book is for you. It discusses issues, great solutions, and helpful guidelines when scaling up in agile projects. We used the guidelines from this book extensively when we introduced agile in a large, FDA-regulated department.” —Christ Vriens, Department Head of MiPlaza, part of Philips Research “If making the move to agile has always baffled you, then this book will unlock its mysteries. Mike Cohn gives us all the definitive, no-nonsense guide to transforming your organization into a high-powered, innovative, and competitive success.” —Steve Greene, Senior Director, Program Management and Agile Development, “Mike Cohn is a great advisor for transforming your software organization. This book is a

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...Student Information Sheet (the information provided here may be used for research but it is mainly to help me know and understand you. Your data will be kept confidential apart from specific items that are already publicly known and which you do not mind sharing. In any event, I will seek your permission first if there is a need to utilize your information here for a genuine and specific need) 1. Name Student ID 2. Name you prefer to be called 3. Programme (Circle One): BBM BBS Other_______________ Semester: _____ 4. Are you a transfer student from another Sunway campus? If yes, please state which campus and from what programme ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Are you a transfer student from a different college/university (circle one)? YES NO If yes, which college/university ______________________________________________ 5. Nationality: ____________________ Ethnicity: _________________________ Religion: __________________________ 6. Home town: 7. What Pre-University/Matriculation programme did you take before joining this programme at Sunway University? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ (for example: Form 6, UEC, FIA, A-Levels, AUSMAT, SAM, CIMP, IB, etc.) Were there any science/technology...

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Blackberry Z10 Marketing Managment today’s era is to implement the effective marketing strategy with the endorsement of accurate marketing mix. Through initiatives & marketing strategies company attempts to capture maximum returns - this entire practice refers to value based marketing. Here Blackberry is in consistent effort to create a strong brand which influences consumers to give constructive feedback. Value based marketing starts with escalating correlation of sales and marketing. One of the core concepts of Marketing is Holistic Marketing concept, where everything matters in marketing is acknowledged. Wider and incorporated outlook is essential for the developing, implementing and designing marketing strategies for Blackberry. For RIM it’s inevitable to see the challenges from brand’s viewpoint but it’s not complete without considering consumer’s perspective. Once the market’s needs have changed, Blackberry should shift with it. [pic] • The complex market of phone industry forces Blackberry to deliver variety of differentiated products with fast pace in global market. All products should be distinguished with each other with the means of functionality and should be able to engage customer with unbeatable features and designs. Here the Holistic Approach comes in light and it binds customers, network of suppliers, internal team & partners in a single knot. Blackberry should see the larger picture to increase brand value, with relevant marketing strategy to execute brighter success for...

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...Arnaldo Perez Consumer Behavior Current Topics Assignment 2/13/13 Blackberry 10: The topic I will be covering is the Blackberry 10. Upon its initial press-conference (no official U.S. release yet), many smart phone users turned it’s eye towards the former leader of smart phones to see what the rumored Blackberry 10 would consist of, and with much anticipation there was a lot of praise as well as skepticism. The Blackberry team (run by Research In Motion: RIM) displayed the new models: the touch screen Z10 and its QWERTY Keyboard counterpart (for those who still demanded a keyboard). Features that were innovative to the new Blackberry 10 (aside from full-screen touch capability, video chat that other phones offered) is the brilliant Blackberry HUB. The HUB allowed for easier view of the things that “everything important to you easy to view in a single space”. The HUB is powered by single swipes to view messages, get in and out of menus, programs for easier multitasking, therefore leaving the pages that you are currently on in menu blocks (similar to the windows phone square tiles). The big issue with the new Blackberry 10, are trying to gain back all the customers that it lost to iPhones and Android powered devices. Blackberry has not kept up with the ways of these smart phones since 2011 (when Android had grown in popularity). This brand is a cult classic, famous for its comfortable size and keyboard, it lacked in many areas. In a market where it is now pre-dominantly...

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...Growth Of Micromax Introduction Micromax was incorporated as Micromax Informatics Ltd. on 29 March 2000. It started selling mobile telephones in 2008, focusing on low pricing to compete with international brands. Micromax's co-founder Rahul Sharma once saw a public call office being powered by a truck battery because of frequent power cuts in its locale. It prompted him to launch a feature telephone with an extended battery life. Micromax launched X1i, its first telephone with a month-long battery back-up. In 2014, Micromax's sales exceeded those of Samsung to become the mobile telephone manufacturer shipping the most telephones in one quarter in India. On 24 January 2014, Micromax became the first Indian mobile company to start sales in Russia. The Achievement Traditionally, the dominant mobile phone companies in India have been foreign giants—be it Nokia Oyj, Samsung Electronics Co., BlackBerry Ltd or Sony Corp. But through sustained marketing efforts and the introduction of products at lower price points but with the same specifications and contemporary design that their global counterparts offer, Indian handset makers have been steadily gaining market share. The forerunner among them is Micromax Informatics Ltd, which according to latest International Data Corp. (IDC) data had a 22% share of the Indian mobile handset market, second only to Samsung, which had a 26% share, and much ahead of other foreign competitors like Nokia, Sony and BlackBerry. The Strategy: A large...

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