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Knowing Your Audience And Communication
Coralia Quiocho
University of Phoenix

Week 3 /4
Persuasion through rhetoric

What is persuasion? The act, the art and ability of having someone do something.

What is rhetoric? The art aim to improve the capability of writers or speaker to inform, persuade or motivate.

Ethos – Ethical
Logos – Logical
Pathos – Pathological

DEFINE PERCEPTION: Perception can be defined as “the way in which an individual gives meaning” to an object, a message, or an event (Rogers & Steinfatt, 1999, p. 145).

First you communication your perceptions of the world through the language you use
Final connection comes by understanding how communication shapes perception

Perception is a process
Objective reality: you filter through your past experiences through your past experiences, prior knowledge and even your psychological state.

The result of the this filtering is your subjective reality
Supportive Relationship is a relationship in a co-worker who works together.
Defensive relationship is a relationship that when a program arises they play the blaming game
Assertive communication is stating what you feel think feel want or need in a way that direct, honest and respectful of others
Aggressive communication
Nonassertive Respecting other while stating your feelings think feel want or need in a way that direct, honest and respectful of others

4 part assertion message- effective method of approaching a situation that has a potential for a highly emotional outcome * Behavior Description * Stating the what happened that caused a reaction * Feeling message * Concise statement of your feeling from the situation. * Consequence statement * Create consequences that will move past the issue allowing to move to a better end result * Request statement

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