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Benefit Election System

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On March 22, 2004, the Vice President of Industrial Relations for Huffman Trucking was informed of changes made to the health and dental insurance options for non-represented employees. Huffman Trucking has decided to move to a flex plan with several options the employees can select (K Colbert, Memo, March 22, 2004). To make this a smooth transition to the new benefit plan, Colbert is directing the development and installation of a benefit election system to support the tracking and reporting of employee (union and non-union) benefits (Apollo Group Inc., 2011). With the new benefit system coming online brings new security requirements and possible risks that must be addressed. This document will list some of those security requirements and risks of the Benefits Election System of the company.
Paper Risks and Security Requirements Huffman Trucking is a national transportation company with 1,400 employees working in logistical hubs across the United States. The human resources department currently maintains several tracking mechanisms for its employee information. The company has an HRIS system that was developed in-house that maintains a database of personal information. One of the company’s managers also maintains an Excel spreadsheet for individual compensation decisions and surveys. With the recommendation to convert the Excel spreadsheet to a database system, it is a wise choice to integrate the paper data into the already made HRIS system database. In either case, there is a need to provide planning and security for the system.
To address the one possibility of integrating the Excel spreadsheet into the benefit election system, there are a few risks associated with paper-based systems and security baselines that must be met. Maintaining paper presents risks such as environmental risks. This can include fire, water, and weather....

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