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Fdafadfadf  Arrangements for products or services containing software that is incidental to the products or services as a whole
 b. Leases of software that include a tangible product (such as property, plant, or equipment), if the software is incidental to the tangible product as a whole or the software and nonsoftware components of the tangible product function together to deliver the tangible product’s essential functionality
 c. Marketing and promotional activities not unique to software transactions, such as the following:
* 1. Insignificant discounts on future purchases that are offered by a vendor in a software arrangement. For example, a vendor may offer a small discount (a coupon or other form of offer for 5 percent off) on additional licenses of the licensed product or other products that exist at the time of the offer but are not part of the arrangement.
* 2. Discounts that are not incremental to discounts typically given in comparable transactions (for example, volume purchase discounts comparable to those generally provided in comparable transactions).
 d. Nonsoftware components of tangible products
 e. Software components of tangible products that are sold, licensed, or leased with tangible products when the software components and nonsoftware components of the tangible product function together to deliver the tangible product’s essential functionality
 f. Undelivered elements that relate to software that is essential to the tangible product’s functionality in (e).
 Arrangements for products or services containing software that is incidental to the products or services as a whole
 b. Leases of software that include a tangible product (such as property, plant, or equipment), if the software is incidental to the tangible product as a whole or the software and nonsoftware components of the tangible product…...

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...LEARNING PRINCIPLES Training a Dog Eddie has been reading about methods to train his dog to behave and follow commands. He wanted to make his dog more obedient, so he has been reading a lot and trying to implement what he has read. One of the first things he read about was the use of a clicker and reinforcement theory. He read that he should use the clicker and then follow that sound immediately with a dog treat. Eddie did use the clicker a number of times, but sometimes he would make the “click” and fumble around and not give the dog a treat until a minute or so later. Some days he would give the dog a treat and then use the clicker. Eddie also read about positive reinforcement, and he felt that it was a good idea. He decided that treats were a reinforcer, and he also decided that he would give his dog a new toy as a reinforcer. Along with the concept of positive reinforcement, Eddie read about something called schedules of reinforcement. Eddie thought that the best schedule of reinforcement was to give his dog a treat or new toy every time the dog obeyed a command such as “sit”, but after a while it became too much trouble to always give a treat so Eddie tried to just use the clicker instead. Eddie wasn’t content with trying to teach his dog simple one-word commands such as “sit”, he wanted the dog to learn more complex behaviors such as “roll over and play dead”, so he researched the concept of shaping, but he would often get frustrated because his...

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...Smackey Dog Food Company Smackey Dog Foods, Inc is a privately held corporation specializing in natural dog food, both regular and gourmet brands. Smackey Dog is not publicly traded which is evident because they are not following many of the standards that are required through Sarbanes Oxley. Since this is a privately run corporation, they are not required to adhere to the SEC regulations, but adherence to these regulations would actually help Smackey Dog to be more efficiently run and would help them have a better handle on their operations. Although the company is not required to follow SEC regulations, the auditors are still required to follow the audit standards in place with the passing of Sarbanes Oxley. Audit planning is very important. The initial audit planning should be done in the early stages of the audit. The auditor must determine whether to accept the client. It is late in the year to accept new clients, and there are also some major issues with the way the company is being run, in spite of these challenges; Keller CPA’s has agreed to accept Smackey Dog as a client. The second stage in audit planning is to determine why the audit is needed. Since Smackey Dog is not publicly traded, there is no law that requires the company to get a yearly audit. This audit is needed because Smackey Dog is attempting to qualify for a bank loan. Sarah, the CEO of Smackey Dog has met with her banker to attempt to qualify for a $150,000 loan to expand the...

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