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BoldFlash: Cross-Functional Challenges Case Study

BoldFlash is a producer of flash memory components for electronic devices, who has fallen behind competitors on several fronts due to missed opportunities with developing a critical market in storage devices for tablets. With a recent change in leadership due to the unexpected death of prior Vice President/ General Manager (Jim Harrison), the company is now under the watchful eye of Dr. Roger Cahill (also known as King of the Hill). In an industry with rapidly growing revenues and demand, in a sector that was highly competitive, BoldFlash still has the significant competitive advantage of operating its own plants. After a few months on the job, Cahill was able to deduct what he saw as the problem in the Mobile Division as unproductive conflicts between the functional departments, particularly around the product development processes. It is clear that manufacturing is the dominant function of the organization and with its competitive nature, seems to be pulling its weight. Due to the unclear roles of departments, isolation of departments, as well as the conflicting roles of departments, manufacturing is suffering.

Conflicting Performance Metrics
In many ways conflicting performance metrics of each group are contributing to the problem. Currently the performance metrics of each department are left either unclear or overlapping between groups. The conflicting performance metrics are causing opportunities to be missed, frustration between employees and departments, lower profit margins, lack of information flow through the mobile division, and the development of products that do not currently have a market need. It is necessary to create more clear and effective performance metrics in order to create an atmosphere that allows ideas for creation of new products while ensuring there is a market need...

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