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William Knox D'Arcy, a Australian-British mining magnate won a concession from Persia to dig for oil.
Seven years later, after almost giving up, The Anglo-Persian Oil Company emerged from this discovery and stood in command of what was the greatest oil find of its time.
Angelo-Persian oil company as we know it today is British Petroleum or BP

"The company made handsome profits through the 1920s and 30s as much of Western society moved toward a world sped along in petroleum-burning automobiles and illuminated by petroleum-burning power plants. The company — renamed the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (AIOC) in 1935 when new leadership in Tehran opted to shift the nation's name away from the archaic "Persia" — operated what was then the world's largest refinery near the city of Abadan".

1. A company must incorporate a systematic approach.
2. An organization has to prepare for tomorrows success and thus plan specific objectives and goals.
3. Both employees' and managers must inherit such goals and work collectively to obtain them. When a company establishes such goals and objectives they must be of precision so that statistical facts are measurable for progress throughout a time frame.
4. Detailed planning is of priority and conceivable restrains are to be avoided unless a solution is implemented.
5. Multiple strategies and ideas must come into play to prepare for the unexpected.
6. Forming derivative plans is imperative as this will play a key role in reaching reaching the main objectives and goals.
7. Involving employees and management into the decision making process is important because it stimulates motivation and value amongst all levels of employees.
8. Encourage feedback and implement proper assessments.

Each year BP concentrates on putting approximately 80% of its shares towards Upstream to safeguard growth in the production output. Currently

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