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Branch Security

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62. With the changing security scenario, establishment of Bank branches will require detailed consideration. No building should be selected or constructed unless it adheres to the basic security prerequisites. Security planning should start from the time we think of setting up a branch in an area. Generally, banking business and administrative considerations should and would take precedence while selecting a site but security should not be given a back seat. It must be understood that banking activity is prone to security risks and makes an area crime prone and vulnerable. The local police must be consulted regarding the proposed site of the branch. It is important that it goes on their beat map and patrols pay special attention.
63. In view of the changing security threats, it has become imperative to lay down certain guidelines for identifying the location and layout of our branches. While such guidelines could be easily implemented at new premises, it may not be feasible in our existing branches unless complete renovation is contemplated. Nevertheless, interim measures/ modifications could still be incorporated in our existing branches towards meeting the various security requirements to the best possible extent.
(a) While selecting premises for a new branch, the ground floor space is preferable, as it is convenient, both from the public as well as from the branch staff’s point of view. In metropolitan and urban areas, premises belonging to municipalities and Govt. should be preferred.
(b) The branch premises should be so selected that area available will be sufficient to cater not only to the immediate needs, but also to the estimated business for at least next five years.
The basic protective and security measures needed to be taken before a new branch...

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