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Product Overview: 2015 Full-Size & Mid-Size Trucks
This is your opportunity to get an in-depth overview of the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon as well as the 2015 Silverado and GMC Sierra, including the all-new heavy duties. Hosted by our commercial product expert, you'll learn the specifications and performance highlights and also gain an understanding of how GM's commercial products stack up versus the competition. Our mutual customers are looking for knowledgeable sales and service advisors to help them make even more strategic decisions about their commercial vehicle needs. Join us for this session to build your knowledge of our newest product offerings and how they can bring even more value to business owners!
Product Overview: Vans, Cars & Crossovers
In this session, we'll be covering what's new with vans, crossovers and cars, including the all-new Chevrolet City Express and Chevrolet Trax. The City Express and Trax represent commercially focused vehicles that expand our portfolio to better meet the needs of our business customers. In this session, you will gain an understanding of the total value these new vehicles have, leave with a better understanding of how you can challenge customers to think differently about their fleet needs and ultimately, how GM can meet those needs.
Growing Small Business Sales
Do you know how to leverage the intelligence available to you to grow your small business sales? You can find out in this engaging sales session. GM has made huge investments in not only understanding the commercial opportunity in your area, but also ranking the data so that you know exactly who is ready to buy what. With our competition facing some vulnerability, the time to strike is now. Armed with knowing your customers and their needs before making the sales call will help increase your credibility and close

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...The Proactiv+ System Clear Skin Starts In The Pores We know acne, and we know skin. And we know what it takes to have a clear flawless-looking complexion, which is what you’ll see with Proactiv+. We also know that acne begins deep inside the pore, launched by a "perfect storm" of microscopic events - bacterial overgrowth, excess oil production, dead skin cells that clog the pore, and ultimately, inflammation creating a red, swollen bump on your skin. Proactiv+ is an acne-treatment system that delivers skincare in every step. Formulated not only to heal, treat, and clear acne, it also helps to diminish the evidence of past breakouts, restoring skin to its healthy-looking appearance. Here's how: * * STEP 3: REPAIR
Complexion * Perfecting Hydrator 
Drenches skin with essential skincare ingredients designed to help soothe irritation, even skin tone, visibly reduce post-acne marks and leave skin soft, hydrated and radiant. Salicylic acid, and anti-acne medicine, helps pores appear smaller by keeping them free of the oily build-up that makes them appear larger. * * STEP 1: CLEANSE
Skin Smoothing * Exfoliator 
Gentle exfoliating beads and glycolic acid gently move away excess oil, dirt , and other impurities so benzoyl peroxide can penetrate the pore to kill acne-causing bacteria. * STEP 2: TREAT
Pore Targeting * Treatment 
Our exclusive Smart Target® is designed to deliver benzoyl peroxide directly into the pore with...

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