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Bus 508 Assign 1


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Merger Acquisition
BUS 508

Life Technologies and Thermo Fisher Scientific
There are a lot of examples of Merger in present business world. If we search the world economic journals and magazines, then we will see that almost every year a lot of mergers and acquisitions are taking place in the modern corporate world. In the year 2013, some vital merger and acquisitions took place. In this paper a very important merger process will be described. The merger which will be described is not only important for the companies, but also important for the customers and the consumers of those companies. After reading through this paper, the reader will be able to know the reason, circumstances, effects and conclusions of the merger process. Then they will be able to judge whether the merger process brought any good for the companies or the people who are related to the companies or not. Before goring in through discussion, let’s see what is actually a merger? (Sherman & Hart, 2006) Merger is a process which adds two or more similar corporate companies or organizations together. This can happen in quite a few ways. First of all, two companies with similar expansion may come to an agreement and start a whole new combined company. This kind of merger is not seen a lot in the recent times. There is another kind of merger. That is, a bigger company can simply buy a similar smaller company. This is mainly a common type of merger. Most of the mergers which took place in the year 2013 were the second type mergers. In this paper, merger between Thermo Fisher Scientific and Life Technologies will be described. In this process Life Technologies was bought by the bigger company Thermo Fisher Scientific. (Blankenhorn, 2014)

Circumstances The type of merger which we are talking about, contain some certain reasons and

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