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And In the End, There Was One

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As one approaches the final steps of this whole new world of business and marketing, what is known as organization comes into play. Within organization come the categories of basic level environment, social environment and economic environment. In this report one will describe the categories, along with management structure and issues that one may encounter when dealing with operational as well as financial situations. Being that technology is an always changing implement, one will identify the impact of potential change factors in the role technology plays along with any other factors that may have an impact.

There are three aspects that build up an organization, basic legal environment, social environment and economic environment. Country, state and international laws are what govern the basic legal environment of an organization. This is where prohibited items of production and sales can be found. Also included are employee protection laws that protect individuals from being discriminated based on race, sex, religion or age. Financial laws and included laws that deal with taxes and ethics of a business all fall under the basic legal environment. Consumers are also protected, ensuring satisfaction by making sure items are weighing in at the price they are being sold at or making sure that product descriptions are not misleading. Social environment of an organization is where all that impacts a business is covered. Since society is where businesses operate, factors such as family, education, religion etc. impacts the way a business is conducted. Economic environment within a business organization include factors that are divided into two categories, macroeconomics and microeconomics. Macroeconomics includes factors that are related to sectors or individuals and businesses of particular

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