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Pulaski’s Tunnel One of the biggest national incidents is the fire of 1910. The book The Big Burn by Timothy Egan tells about this event. Total fires burned more than three million acres and almost hundred people were killed. This historical event has historical names and one of them is Edward Pulaski. There is the man whose heroism saved forty-fife human lives; he found a safety place in extreme situation, he took charge and helped his group survive and he sacrifice himself to save others. First, Ed Pulaski did not panic in extreme situation and used his knowledge of the area to hide from the fire. He was a forest ranger and on that day he went to the town for fresh supplies. On the way back he and his group where completely surrounded by the wild fire. There was no place to run. He did not panic and found the solution by using his knowledge of the forest. He decided to hide in the tunnel. Second, he took control of the situation and stopped panic. In the tunnel that was difficult to breath and people were scared and in panic. He ordered them to law down on the ground and stopped people who tried to leave because there was no other place to run outside the tunnel. Also, he realized that the fire would burn wood tunnel support and he found the way by carrying water in his hat. Third, he was responsible for his men and took big risk to his personal safety. While he was protecting his men he was badly injured; however, he continued fighting for his people. In the end, his skin had burned, he got blinded and he was unconscious. As the result, forty-fife people out of fifty survived. In conclusion, there was a big fight between wildfire and people where Ed with his group were winners. They survived because of Pulaski’s knowledge of the area, his strong command position and his brave. Today that place in Idaho where Edward Pulaski and his men were hided called “Pulaski’s tunnel” and people may see the historical place where people survived in the fire.

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