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Management 370
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November 20, 2012
Chapter 10, Question #2
2. Discuss the role of reverse culture shock in the repatriation process. What can companies do to avoid this problem? What kinds of skills do managers learn from a foreign assignment, and how can the company benefit from them? What is the role of repatriation in the company’s global competitive situation?
The advancement of technology has allowed companies to use e-business to sell their products all over the world. While the selling of products might be easier, companies still need to have representation in areas that their products are being sold, to ensure that the quality of the products and the overall business is up to the standards they demand. When companies send representative to countries for long periods of time, they tend to become accustomed to their new surroundings and therefore have what is called a reverse culture shock when they return. The book defines reverse culture shock as, “A state of disorientation and anxiety that results from returning to one’s own culture”. The increase anxiety generally results from the inability to get back into the flow of the work place and often leaves the manager feeling lost in the shuffle. In order to properly deal with a manager’s reverse culture shock, a company needs to be sure that the steps of repatriation are positive. According to the text repatriation is “the process of the reintegration of expatriates into the headquarters organization and career ladder as well as into the social environment”.
A proper plan for repatriation should start while a manager is overseas. By providing a mentor program, to monitor an employee’s career path, can help avoid some of the problems that occur from reverse culture shock. Another positive way of reducing the effect of reverse culture shock is to positively support a manager overseas,

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