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No.19/8 Puram Parkasam Road, Contact no: +919025747756(M) 4th Street Balajinagar,Royapettah, 04443518494(R) Chennai -14.

Career Objective:

To secure a challenging position where I can effectively contribute my skills as a complete Professional, possessing competent Technical Skills.

Software Exposure: Operating System Win, Linux, Mac Software Exposer MS Office

Educational Qualifications:

* B.E in Computer Science and Engineering (2009-2013) from Alpha College of Engineering (affiliated to Anna university) with 63%.

* Higher secondary education from Kumaran Asan memorial higher secondary school with 63 %( state board) in 2009.

* 10th board in Hindu senior secondary school with 66 % (CBSE) in 2007. Additional Certifications: * Participated in Ethical Hacking Workshop Conducted by Anna University. * Completed Creative Leadership Course Conducted by Concordia University, Newyork at Alpha Arts and Science College. Personal skills:
Comprehensive problem solving abilities, excellent verbal and written communication skills, willingness to learn, team facilitator, hard worker, always possess optimistic approach in any work. Always ready to give the best using innovative ideas.

Academic Project:
“Protection from DDoS attacks using Ringwall System”
The Ringwall system uses intrusion prevention systems that form virtual rings to detect and prevent DDoS attacks.
* Presented a paper on “Protection from DDoS attacks using Ringwall System” in a National conference at TJS College of Engineering. * Won a Runner up Cup in Soccer in an Intra College Competition. * Won second Prize in Technical Quiz in National level Symposium

Personal Profile:

Name : Md Ali Saif Quraishy
Father’s Name : Mr. Mukthar Ahmed Quraishy
Mother’s Name : Mrs. Nousheen Mukthar
Sex : Male
Marital Status : Single
Nationality : Indian
Hobbies : PC Games, Internet browsing, Cricket, Football
Permanent Address : #19/8 Puram prakasam road,
4th street balajinagar, Royapettah
Phone No : 04443518494, +919025747756
Date of Birth : 19-12-1991
Languages known : English, Hindi, Tamil (to read, write and speak) Urdu (to read and speak) Arabic, Sanskrit (to read)

Declaration: I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct up to my knowledge and I bear the responsibility for the correctness of the above-mentioned particulars.

Place: Chennai (Md Ali Saif Quraishy)

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