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Career Development Day

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With the merger of InterClean and EnviroTech, merged company has got a new outlook and position in industrial cleaning service industry. For remaining competitive in the industry, the InterClean is required to bring out a new strategic plan and alteration of its focus. Now, the company will not only sell cleaning products but it will also offer full- service cleaning solutions for organizations in the health care industry.
For managing this change in its focus, it necessitates changes in job assignments and as well as in job descriptions. For managing these changes, here a development plan will be made that will cover the aspects like completion of job analysis, outlining workforce planning system and selection of new members for the team complementing with company’s new strategy.
Job Analysis
With the changes taking place at InterClean, Inc. the duties and obligations of its executives and sales manager will also change. Before the merger, the duties of sales executive were only selling but now as the company has added a new aspect of providing full-service cleaning solutions and the duties of its sales executives has altered significantly. The new team that will be developed will consist of sales executives with excellent sales knowledge and customer service skills.
For determining the accurate functions of the new sales position, the company can make use of the interview and job performance methods. The job performance method can be used by the company to develop different tests and interviews along with the design of performance appraisals and training (Armstrong, 2000). Similarly, interviews can also play an inherent part of the analysis as with this the company can attain information in concern to job descriptions and study job evaluations.
The prominent job duties and specification of the new team, identified with the help of interview...

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