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Name: Marco Paulo Date of Birth: December 17, 1991 Place of Birth: Puerto Princesa City Age: 22 y.o. Sex: Male Gender Orientation: Homosexual Highest Education Attainment: second year college Marital Status: Single Present Occupation: none Residence: Brgy. San Pedro, Puerto Princesa City Religion: None (Agnostic) Ordinal sequence: 2nd child No. of Siblings: 2 (older brother and younger sister) Father: Deceased Mother: Deceased II. PERSONAL HIYSTORY
The client was sexually abused several times by their male neighbour at the age of 4 and hid it to anyone even to his parents. His both parents were too religious and both working in the government. His brother was 5 years older to him and his sister was 4 years younger to him and they didn’t share close bond with each other. He excelled in school, elected as class president, and also one of the top students of their class. The client stated that he was one of the superior students in elementary and was bully.
The client was sexually abused again by a male cousin at the age of 13 and gradually loose interest in studying and get addicted to computer games, the client was second year high school student then. The client stated that he was fat in his adolescence and it decreases his self-esteem. At the age of 16, his mother got sick and died in 2005. A year later, his father had an accident and become paraplegic. In 2007, his father also died in to complication due to Diabetes. A year after, the client confessed being a homosexual. The event put so much stressor in him but managed to perform well at school and participated in higher level competitions. He and his older brother had frequent then, and sometimes he get stiches as a result. They keep transferring to another house of their relatives and...

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