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IT Policy and Strategy



IT Policy and Strategy

Martin Drysdale, Chief Information Officer for Northern Insurance, had recently come up with a system which would revolutionize underwriting in insurance companies. Technical Underwriting Financial System (TUFS) was a system he came up with which would cut down costs experienced in underwriting. The system's mission was to enable sleek underwriting processes and also provide capabilities in e-business (Mckeen and Smith, 2012). Northern insurance was impressed by TUFS and opted to employ it which meant providing large investments to its development and use within the company. However, what’s meant to be a dream became a nightmare to both the system's developers and the company since it accrued minimal profits than intended yet it consumed large investment funds.

However, despite the failure to meet its goals, TUFS still is the best system that would bring positive outcomes in underwriting (Murphy, 2014). Northern Insurance made a wise choice in investing in it, even though it has managed to accrue minimal profits from the system. They should, however, understand that every venture in business, IT or any other field problems will always arise in problems. It all comes down to understanding the challenges faced and producing a good plan that would aid in tackling them.

In this case, the investment in TUFS went wrong because they did not focus on integrating the system with its staff. The company and Martin as well were blinded on how great the system would become that they forgot the most fundamental component of a business is its employees. The system was not very user-friendly to the staff, which saw them use their old methods and using the system for confirmation. But not all underwriting...

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