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Case Ta-Wa-Si

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Camp Ta-Wa-Si


Camp Ta-Wa-Si


1. How would you define the industry in which Ta-Wa-Si operates (put it into a sentence)? Why this definition (make sure you take Exhibit 4 of the case into consideration)?
Ta-Wa-Si is a recreation and vacation camp, which was opened with a vision to serve disadvantaged children within the Cumberland and Moncton Presbyteries of the United Church of Canada. The board no longer served only the disadvantaged children, the Board and various Ta-Wa-Si supporters were still committed to providing a camping experience to underprivileged youth through its sponsorship program to fund youths who would otherwise be unable to attend. In 2012 the mission of Ta- Wa-Si was discovering new horizons, creating possibilities and building memories. In 2010 a Visioning Committee of the Board formulated several guiding principles including: create a nurturing environment for all who attend Camp Ta-Wa-Si; create a multi-functional safe, year round, accessible facility; welcoming to a diversity of peoples while respecting the United Church principles and following the policies of Camp Ta-Wa-Si; respecting and enhancing the natural environment; and, opportunities to enrich the lives of those who attend.
Camp primarily believed in teaching Christianity to children. They focused in their faith in religion. I would see this as a Religious Organization that has a different way of teaching children and hence they can also be seen as “ Recreation and vacation Industry” but this is only their way of spreading faith. 2. In defining the industry in this way, how would you categorize / group those who compete with Ta-Wa-Si in some way? Why this categorization? (Note: list specific organizations in your categorization)
The other...

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