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Castle's Family Restaurant

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Running head: ADP Functionalities

ADP Functionality
Kenya Clark
DeVry University

My introduction needs no introduction because ADP Vantage Human Capital Management (HCM) does it all. In detail, this software does everything but the employee’s work duties. Its functionality software extends beyond a basic logging system and equips businesses with the tools to improve the company-employee relationship on multiple fronts. A valuable HCM solution may also assist with increasing employee satisfaction and motivation, as well as automate many of the tedious administrative tasks involved in managing human capital. When reviewing software options, it’s important to look for a solution that is customizable to address your company’s specific business needs, easily integrates with your existing payroll and HR software and collects data to produce valuable insights into retention patterns and workforce strengths and weaknesses.
ADP Functionality
ADP vantage HCM, is one of the most widely used software for HRIS (Human Resource Information Systems) in the United States. With the right training from management, employees would remain motivated and begin to enjoy the company while increasing their absenteeism, and their respect for their company while making the employee’s feel like they are a part of a family outside of home. The employees would start feeling a sense of appreciation. A happy employee causes a happier work environment.
Business Assessment
The ADP Vantage (HCM) is used for a company that has no more than 1,000 employees. That means that when starting a company that has less than 1,000 employees there is no need to panic but once you reach over the 1,000 employee mark you’ll then have to upgrade your system, provided that ADP has not already sent HRIS an email pertaining the upgrade itself.

HRIS Vendor Choice
A HRIS, or Human Resource...

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