Child Observation

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Becky woke up from her morning nap. She cries and slowly crawls down her bed to find her mom. “Mommy”, then cried again. “Aunty, where mommy go?” she asked. I replied, “mommy go work. She come back later okay?” She replied, “okay aunty”. She went to play in the playroom. Becky grabs her teapot and cups. She sat down on the picnic table. She sat a teddy bear in one chair, and a doll on another. She drinks the cup. Put the cup down and poured the tea around the table. As her younger sister woke up; she asked “Bella, you play with me?” Bella smiled and sat down. Becky poured tea around the table and said, “everybody drink”. Becky handed Bella a cup and a plate with toy vegetables. Bella ate it. Becky stopped Bella and pushes Bella’s hand, and said “Bella that ew. You no eat it.” “Are you guys hungry, you two?” I asked, “If you two are, come here.” Becky replied, “Yes aunty. I coming”. Becky grabbed all the toys and put it in the toy box. Becky ran to me and Bella followed. Becky sat down on the floor. Bella followed along with Becky and sat down too. I handed them both a plate of food. Becky said, “Aunty I don’t like it. I don’t like green. I don’t like orange.” “What do you like them?” I replied. “Rice and juice only”. “If you eat the green and orange one, you’ll be big and beautiful like a princess.” I said. “Um… okay then. I like it more now. I want big house and mommy and daddy and Bella and aunty and uncle and grandma and grandpa live here” and smile back at me.
She clenched her hand and grasps a hold onto the plastic red feeding spoon with her right hand. She scoops carrots and peas with the spoon. The carrots and peas keep falling down, so she slowly paced herself to get the veggies and slowly bring it up to her mouth. She realized she was doing a good job and said “Aunty, I did it!” I applause and high-fived her. She continued to eat her veggies.…...