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Chocolate A Healthy Passion Research Paper

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Los Altos High School has tried various tactics to reduce stress in students. One thing they have not tried, however, is to feed the students chocolate. Although critics argue that chocolate is too high in sugar and fat content to actually be healthy in the amounts that we eat it, and any perceived changes in mood or stress level are fleeting, the notion that chocolate has positive effects on physical and mental health might not be too good to be true. Shara Aaron makes the case for the physical and mental health benefits of chocolate in the book Chocolate; A Healthy Passion.
To begin with, chocolate has a long history dating back to the Aztecs who used it for its medicinal properties. They served it as a drink to the royalty, in ceremonies, as sacrifices to the gods, and as currency. From central america, chocolate spread to europe and the rest of the world. Since at the time, chocolate was extremely bitter and did not taste very good, it spread because of observed medical benefits. Centuries later in the 1990s, …show more content…
Back in the late 1600s a spanish king, Montezuma was documented as drinking chocolate before visiting his wives. These properties are likely the result of increased blood flow, but regardless of reason, chocolate became a traditional gift to give our loved ones on Valentine’s day as a romantic gesture and at times to provide comfort. Such uses of chocolate instill powerful connotations that could contribute to stress-relieving effects. Another, alternate explanation relates once again to chemical properties. Since “59% of men and 91% of women experience cravings” (84), some scientists think this could be the body’s way of signalling us that we need a certain nutrient that we can only get from chocolate, but this theory is controversial, and the authors do not believe has enough evidence to support it yet. This still brings up the question, does indulging in chocolate cravings make you feel

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