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Choices in World War Two We always make choices. During the World War Two, people had to make many choices. After WW1, people thought the world can go back to peace. Instead, the treaty of Versailles planted the seed of WW2. The Germans were angry of the war. In fact, WW1 affected Germany a lot. During 1918~1933, German government was weak. Its economy crashed and the society lost control. Hitler’s appearance gave them a hope. Finally, Hitler came to power in 1933. Hitler made the dictatorship government. In other words, he owned the whole power of the people. Under his control, the Germans were obedient. They didn’t speak out so that the Holocaust started. Before that, the Jews were considered Germans. They had the Germans culture. They were happy in Germany. However, since Hitler’s rise to power, they were discriminated against only because they were different from the Germans. They were inferior. Then under the Nuremberg laws, they lost their rights and freedom by laws. What choices did the Jews make? Some Jews went to hide; some Jews escaped to other country; some Jews obey the order and some were brave to resist Hitler but they had too small power to succeed. A sad ending was six million Jews died. In December 7, 1941, Japan ambushed Pearl Harbor during the total war. The Americans were shocked because they hadn’t involved in the war but Japan attacked them. Most Americans united to support the government. It brought them together. It also brought America into war. After the US declared war on Japan, the US made a decision to keep the Japanese-Americans into the internment camp as well. The government justified it can protect the US because they could be the spies, so the Japanese-Americans lost many of their constitutional rights during the war time. They were separated from the Americans. Not only was that but their properties…...

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