Civil Disorder

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By Wendy Michaud


Unit 2 ~ IP

American InterContinental University

May 6, 2012


For this assignment we will be looking at the meaning of civil disorder. I will be

researching and describing what happens when a situation with civil disorder happens in

the United States and how the government handles it. I will compare and contrast the

method The United States uses to other countries such as, Japan, England, China, and ‘

Saudi Arabia.

How does the United States deal with problems related to civil order control? Well,

one example of how the United States deals with civil disorder is Waco and what

happened at Kent State. The U.S. has a Civil Disturbance Plan in place for dealing with

these specific types of situations. When it was first created it was named Operation

Garden Plot. (Operation Garden Plot)

There are specific situations where this plan will come into action. An example of a

situation would be if someone plans to act out some sort of violence or civil disorder

where that someone is approached by a dedicated group of dissidents who plan to incite

purposeful acts designed to disrupt social order. (Wikipedia, Civil Disorder) So in order

for the United States to maintain civil order control they must use The United States Civil

Disturbance Plan. They also have the ability to call out for assistance from the following

people Federal Bureau of Investigation, United States Marshals, DEA, Alcohol,

Tobacco and Firearms as well as the Arm Forces along with the National Guard to deal

with any and all civil uprisings. The meaning of civil order control is more than just

violent crimes, it can also mean disasters, national emergencies and it also…...