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Cocaine Pregnant Women

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This paper will cover briefly a multidimensional analysis of pregnant women and cocaine use. This paper will explore how women, particularly pregnant women can be challenged by cocaine use. There will be A review of the literature and policies that impact this population. In history, women have been making strides against oppression and discrimination in health, social welfare, policy and many other areas of life (Eisenberg,1998). For purposes of this paper, inner urban cities will be discussed as it impacts pregnant women.
To date, gender and issues of equality remain at the forefront. Advocacy organizations like Planned Parenthood, advocate for reproductive health care for women. Certain cultural practices, prohibit …show more content…
(AAC, 2018). The factors that influence women in substance abuse treatment vary based on situation and context. Furthermore, substance abuse among women vary between sub-groups of women in the socioeconomic, cultural, and ethnic dimensions (Tiedje, 1998). Sociodemographic issues such as relationships, age, education, race, child protective service involvement, pregnancy, supportive therapies and comprehensive case management all affect the ability of women to have enough support in treatment (Greenfield, 2007). Disparities in populations are represents as location and use. African American women in their late 20s to early 30s from inner city populations demonstrate relevant cocaine use (Fox, 1994). Despite cocaine being considered to be a substance used by the wealthy and famous historically, it is currently used widely in the inner cities as a substance of …show more content…
The leaves are picked and are processed into a paste which is then refined into a base product. The base product is then converted to the powder form of cocaine. This substance can have overwhelming impacts on the mother and fetus during and post pregnancy. (Jansson, 1996). Cocaine is categorized as a Schedule II drug which means there is a high potential for abuse yet can be administered for medical reasoned by trained persons (Karch, 2018). Its available in the form of a prescription as well. In most cases cocaine is snorted but can also be injected, smoked and placed on mucous membranes (Gold, 1993). Historically, ancient villagers of the Andes would chew the leaves to increase their heart rate in severe altitudes. Cocaine was also used ritualistically by Peruvians for special ceremonies.
Cocaine also has physical effects on the pregnant woman’s body. Cocaine on the brain chemical dopamine, which causes feelings of happiness and euphoria by blocking the receptors for dopamine. Dopamine levels in the brain then build causing a short-term high which last for 15-20 minutes. Users must increase amount and frequency to use in order to achieve a consistent high (Gold,

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