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Martial arts in schools for troubled children

By Malik Helms

Thesis statement : Martial arts has been a proven

system to help with behavioral problems, build

confidence in children, and develops structure in



Martial arts should be brought into schools to help

bring an alternative to troubled students.

1. Children with behavioral issues like ADHD have

turned to martial arts as a different approach to combat

this condition. Peak performance martial arts site had

an article about how after a 12 week

study how their was a difference in class work

Completion and also a increase in class participation.

There was also a decrease in class disruptions.

2. Martial arts also can help with confidence issues in

children. I an article on the site zultimate talks about

how the training and accomplishing goals such as

getting higher belt rank help develops confidence and

the feeling of accomplishment. It’s a proven fact that

children with higher confidence are less likely to be

bullied and also succeed at a faster rate.

3. Martial arts can help you Succeed in life threw is

philosophy and lessons no matter what art you choose

it has its core values. These values can help you in the

dojo and or the school yard. Martial arts can be a corner

stone in life to help you build a strong foundation.


There are many reasons why people may oppose having

martial arts in schools. The main reason is the fighting

involved in martial arts that you see in TV, video games,

and movies. This may shape some children mind to

promote violence in school.

References Martial arts training and behavior By: Matthew K. Morand (2015) website

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