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Differences in Communication Between Genders


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Differences in Communication Between Genders
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The differences in correspondence styles among men and women have been a subject of interest for research for quite a while. These differences may provoke miscommunication, battle, and even frustration between couples. This study looks at the communication styles among men and women, more especially between married couples. It questions how the different genders express their thoughts and feelings that may lead to conflicts. The study will be driven utilizing an in-depth analysis of what causes miscommunication that leads to conflicts. Qualitative research is the method that will be used to gain an in-depth look at why the genders have some of their communication problems. The goal is to increase the amount of awareness regarding communication styles and how it relates better marital communication to aid in the prevention of miscommunication and the decrease a lot of conflicts because of it.

Today, divorce has become a very common part of life, and it is likely that ineffective communication plays a crucial role in the failure of many marriages. Communication may lead to the success of a marriage or to its detriment, depending on its level of effectiveness. This effectiveness of communication is likely connected to the overall satisfaction of married couples and is worthy to be studied in order to increase marital satisfaction.
Learning more about the differences in communication styles between men and women will aid in the more successful sending and receiving of messages, both verbal and nonverbal. For example, a woman may communicate in a way that has meaning to her. However, the man receiving the message may interpret it differently than she intended due to their differences in communication style. This can cause conflict and lead to further problems in the relationship.

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