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Communication Is Key


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Communication is Key

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January 13, 2013

Communication is Key
DeKay, Sam H. (2012). Interpersonal Communication in the Workplace: A Largely Unexplored Region[->0]. Business Communication Quarterly, Vol. 75 Issue 4, p449-452. doi: 10.1177/1080569912458966.
This article was interesting to me because of the recent assignment we studied on communication and the importance of written communication. In this article, the author explains, “writing ability, the development of which occupies considerable attention in most business communication courses, was not viewed as a primary concern when considering executives for promotion” (DeKay ,2012, 450). This article has been peer-reviewed, therefore considered to be of scholarly value. The author’s work as an adjunct associate professor at the Graduate School of Education, St. John’s University, Jamaica, Queens, New York and as V.P. for corporate communications at BNY Mellon Corporation in New York City supports his authority.
Hynes, Geraldine E. (2012). Improving Employees’ Interpersonal Communication Competencies: A Qualitative Study[->1]. Business Communication Quarterly, Vol. 75 Issue 4, p466-475. doi: 10.1177/1080569912458965. What I found interesting about this article was how important interpersonal communication is in the work place and the lack of interpersonal communication skills graduating students have. “While typical undergraduate business degree programs offer a course or two in writing and formal speaking, a course dedicated to interpersonal communication or daily workplace interactions is rarer”(Hynes, 2012, 473). This article has been peer-reviewed, therefore considered to be of scholarly value. Hynes source of authority comes from being a professor and an author. She is a professor in the College of Business

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