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Communication Observation

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Name: Arbesa Ferizi Class: Communication in Business Professor: Linda Ziberi Section: Date: 09.28.2015

Section 1 - My Observation of Someone's Listening Skills
This week I had a chance to work for a business company here in Prishtina , and I also had the chance to watch two people in this company having a business conversation. One of them was the owner of this company, and the other one was a new employer that started working in this company a week ago. Having in mind that I have to see two people communicate in order to do this assignment, I was even more interested to watch them and analyze every …show more content…
After few moments both of them stopped at the same corner of the hall, and the owner of the company started looking the employee in the eyes but the employee was looking down and avoiding any eye contact but just nodding with the head. The owner’s facial expressions were changing all the time ,but finally his face changed from being reserved to more relaxed and also the employee’s face took the same expression .They finished their conversation, as they were looking each other in more pleasurable way, compared to how they start it, and the employee left. Based on this conversation in which a lot of listening skills were included I was able to observe many of them and get a clear message from their body language gestures. To begin with, we have the owner that faces his speaker and maintain eye contact which is a very important feature in a conversation, and for which we learned in the article “10 Steps to Effective Listening” by Dianna Schilling, on the other hand we have the employee which is avoiding the eye contact which thing is consider as an inappropriate thing to do during communication, because it shows lack of respect for the other speaker (Goman, …show more content…
However, I was not aware of many things that cause a problem in communication before taking this class. Now that I learned various skills in order to have a successful communication with others, I think my biggest problem is that I avoid eye contact when I communicate with people, and in many cases this becomes the barrier for me to have a healthier communication with other people, because people in Western societies perceive avoiding eye contact as a lack of respect or feeling stressed or anxious, which things in my case are not true but looking someone in the eyes it make me feel like I cannot concentrate in our conversations. Besides, avoiding eye contact, I also tent to forget to give the other person feedback during our conversation which thing can make the other person feel like I am not listening or interested in what that person is saying. Furthermore, now that I learned skills for better communications with others, I can relate my communication problems in many articles and videos that we read and watched in class in order to fix these basic skills, which yet are so important for communicating with others. According to the article of Dianna Schilling about “10 Steps to Effective Listening”, eye contact is prescribed as one of the most important keys in successful communication, and without this feature the whole communications process would fail because the other person

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