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Introduction: In this assignment I am going to explore the core theme of Community Development. In doing so, I will come to understand various theories and concepts, relevant legislation and policy, underpinning values, principles and ethics, and practice application with all regards to community development. In the first section of the assignment I will analyse the differences between Community, Community Work and Community Development and explain how Northern Ireland has become a more diverse community. Following this section I will analyse how worker/agency would go about analysing the strengths, available support systems and potential problems within a community. I will then analyse what the essential information, abilities, that would be required of a worker/community in setting up a community development project. Following this I will then go on to analyse the contribution of a community development agency/ worker who might play a role in empowering the community to identify their own needs. Finishing off this section I will review the key processes involved in initiating and sustaining community development work. In the final section of the assignment I will introduce my own chosen community development project which is currently situated in my home town. I will analyse the potential short and long term effects of my chosen project on the surrounding community. I will then go on to analyse what potential or actual barriers my chosen community development project has faced and finally I will evaluate how these have/have not been negotiated; highlighting at least 3 realistic community development strategies.
LO1: Understand the complex nature of communities and community development 1.1- Analyse definitions of

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