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When properly invoked, safe harbor protects Cindy and other nurses from employer retaliation, suspension, termination, discipline, discrimination, and licensure sanction by the Board of Nursing.
Cindy must notify the supervisor requesting the conduct or assignment in writing that she has decided to invoke Safe Harbor. The content of this notification must meet the minimum requirements outlined in BON’s Quick Request Form that includes the nurse(s) name making the safe harbor request and his/her signature, the date and time of the request, the location of where the conduct or assignment is to be completed, the name of the person requesting the conduct or making the assignment; and, a brief explanation of why safe harbor is being requested. The …show more content…
This Comprehensive Request must be written in a detailed account and can be obtained from BON website.
A minor incident is defined under the Nursing Practice Act as a conduct by the nurse that does not indicate that the nurse’s continued practice poses a risk of harm to the patient under her care or another person. The synonyms for a minor incident are “minor error” or “minor violation.”
STEP 1: Is the act consistent with the Texas Nursing Practice Act (NPA)? Do the Board’s rules or positions statements address this specific act? NO!
• The act of administering a medication not approve by the FDA in the US is not consistent with the Texas Nursing Practice Act.
STEP 2: Is the activity appropriately authorized by valid order/protocol and in accordance with established policies and procedures? NO!
• The activity that Cindy performed was not appropriately authorized by a valid order as it is required in established policies and procedures.
STEP 3: Is the act supported by either research reported in nursing and health-related literature or in scope of practice statements by national nursing organizations?

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