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Coffee house, business mission

Novel Beans is an exclusive bookstore plus coffee house mixture that is opening in the downtown area of Madison, Wisconsin. Novel Beans is situated on a fine trafficked street straight in the main shopping area of Madison, situated close to the capitol construction. The society is completed up of eclectic shops, restaurants, bars and companies that are geared in the direction of the ample university residents that live openly in this area. Madison has the University of Madison, Madison Area Technical College and a mixture of lesser known tech schools in the area that create a residents of tens of thousands students that reside inside the capital and lakefront region. A large mass of these students rely on bicycles, mopeds or walking to obtain to classes and their employment, and most of them go across the downtown shopping area on a every day or weekly basis. The downtown has dorms and numerous types of student housing all within walking distance.

Novel Beans offer an additional reason like a bookstore to attract student population. “Most of the coffee shops in the area are either chain locations such as Victor Allen’s and Starbucks, or they are very alternative locations that border on hippy in nature, which might not be conducive to every consumer’s taste” (Evonson, 2007). The Novel Beans is very comfortable, clean and good environment to enjoy snack as well as literature. It has majority of ordering options like other coffee shops but one thing is different from other coffee shops is that they would be fully operational bookstore for consumers. There would be internet services and other several programs such as lectures, discussions and reading books.

“It is very easy lose your way without written mission statement. A mission statement is your destination and tells you exactly what your company needs to stands for and

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