Cultural Syncretism

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American Intercontinental University
Unit 3 - Cultural Syncretism
Alisha Kinchen
February 26th, 2012

This paper contains information regarding Cultural Syncretism. It is my contribution to the Unit Three Group Project. The information is provided for the group in order to explain the impact Syncretism has on individuals along with its aftermath.

Cultural Syncretism
When asked the question of what cultural factors caused the differences in outcomes regarding the legacies of cultural syncretism in Africa and the Americas with the resistance to cultural change Westerners encountered in China and India there had to be research conducted explaining what the factors were with definitions suffice to examining each component along with correlating with the countries of topic found throughout the paper, so without further delay the source of this information is from the following: The University of Calgary (2000)Old World Contacts. Cultural Conversion Theory Page. Cultural Factors are listed as follows:
* Conversion by Voluntary Association - Co-operation & Co-existence
* Conversion by Pressure - Conflict, Conquest & Coercion
* Conversion by Pressure - Migratory Pressures
* Conversion by Assimilation - Adoption & Adaptation
* Combinations of Modes of Conversion
* Syncretism &
* Cultural Resistance
Having reviewed the list above let us look further into how each component caused differences in out comes to occur. According to The University of Calgary (2000)Old World Contacts. Cultural Conversion Theory Page. The following was stated,” Passive resistance occurred when the new cultural alternatives were ignored in favor of their own long-standing traditions”. This being said this resistance is understandably a contributor to the differences in
Cultural Syncretism
outcomes primarily because the four all had…...