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Culture Dimensions and Barriers in Today’s Business World

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MGMT 501 Paper Assignment

The paper should focus on a specific behavioral sciences issue related to the topics covered in the course. The course and textbook present an array of topics from which to choose. For example, topics that fall within the domain of motivation, leadership, group dynamics, organizational culture, and job satisfaction, to name a few, are important, broad areas that have been the subject of much research and discussion in the study of behavior in organizations. When working with such broad topic areas, it is important to narrow the focus of the paper to a specific model or approach.

Topics such as the labor market for IT workers, changing demographics in the workforce, or the prevalence of downsizing in the U.S., while interesting, do not necessarily qualify as course-related organizational behavior topics. However, organizational commitment of downsized employees, or motivational strategies for the management of generation Xers, etc., may well be appropriate topics for this course paper.

Students may work with a partner (or even a small interest group), and this partnership entails sharing a general topic area and several research references. However, each student should determine his or her own perspective on the topic. For example, one student in a pair can take one position on a paper, while the other adopts an opposing stance (i.e., point-counterpoint). Or one student can research one component of a larger topic, while the other student(s) examine different aspects of the same general topic area.

Two things should be accomplished in the paper. First, a specific perspective or overall point should be evident in the paper. Second, theory and/or peer-reviewed academic research on the topic should be combined with practical observations from specific cases, industries, organizations, or events. The source…...

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