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Dealing with Family Dysfunction


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Challenging Vacation Family vacations bring to mind wonderful summer time activities spent with those you love, unless there are challenges to over come in the family circle. National Lampoon’s Family Vacation adventures provide us with other types of family vacation time and social dysfunctions. A father and son plan a vacation to Florida, which puts to test their relationship. The father and son while having a distant relationship were brought together by the vacation which included riding motorcycles, buying matching t-shirts, and a relaxing walk along the beach.
Randy, my wonderful husband comes from a dysfunctional family. While in middle school, Randy’s parents divorced, and his relationship with his dad suffered. After one of their altercations, Randy left his Dad’s house in Peoria, Illinois, and hitchhiked his way to Union, Missouri to live with his mother. Later in life, his parents reunited, and settled in Kentucky. Randy stayed in Missouri, keeping in touch with his parents, and would visit with them when time allowed. Riding motorcycles was a passion that both the father and son enjoyed; otherwise they were quite different. One was a diesel mechanic, and the other a white collar manager. Randy loves warm weather, the ocean and riding his motorcycle; therefore, he planned a bike trip to Florida with his dad. Taking into account his father’s age and the distance involved, Randy rented an enclosed trailer to haul the motorcycles. The first day, Randy loaded his touring bike and drove to Kentucky to pickup his father. Upon opening the trailer, they discovered that Randy’s bike had fallen over, breaking the windshield. Consequently, they spent the rest of that day, and half the next, searching a motorcycle junk-yard and installing a used windshield. Then they were off to Florida. Unfortunately, the van started cutting out

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