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No Need to Write About Anything

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MMS 172.01

Visiting Associate Professor: George L. Grody
408-6212 & 257-7818 (mobile) or

Course Description: The course will investigate and discuss the theory and techniques used to market to the world’s different shoppers and consumers in both developing and industrialized economies and countries. You’ll gain an understanding of how to market to shoppers and consumers based on the varied insights of each target group. We’ll focus on the “Consumer is Boss” and understand how to influence them at the “First Moment of Truth” when the shopper makes a purchase decision and at the “Second Moment of Truth” when the brand is actually used and the consumer decides if it delivered against the brand promise. The course will include a team project to develop collaboration skills but also to gain deep insights into a specific target group and product. Class participation and discussion will be an important factor in class success.

Course Objectives: Students will gain insights into: 1) the behaviors of the world’s consumers; 2) how those differences come about due to differing national, ethnic, cultural, and demographic influences; 3) how certain companies have succeeded and failed at addressing those differences; and 4) how to develop business and marketing strategies and plans to successfully address those differences.

Course Materials: We will use a book “The Marketer’s Toolkit” which you can purchase from Harvard or Amazon (it’s cheaper on Amazon). All the other articles/cases can be purchased through Harvard at a special link just for this course: . You will need to buy the materials at one time. Using this link will save you significant money. Even though the class meets once a week, you’d be wise to

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