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Deep Water Horizon Research Paper

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Do you ever wonder what is the true story of deepwater horizon Have you ever wondered what the true story of the DeepWater horizon oil spill,I Know the true story. The DeepWater Horizon oil rig is the biggest oil spill in the world.

What oil spills are made of and how the affect the marine life around them. Oil spills are made from many oils or other crude oil. There are many things that oil spills could be made of but the normal one is just straight oil. There are many other types of oil they could be made of. But there are hundreds other oils and gases that are spilled every day
How oil spills are cleaned up and what is used to clean it up.Oil spills are cleaned up by a dispersant that makes the oil form tiny particles that are easier to clean up.The boat called a skimmer has a filter that catches those tiny oil particles but lets the water go through. This the
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NOAA is a oil spill response team that tries to prevent oil spills and helps marine life that is effected. According to NOAA’s website Marine life is affected in many ways there are millions of marine animals that die during oil spills that do to not having clean water. According to approximately 82,000 birds die during most oil spills.NOAA tries to prevent oil spills so that those 82,000 birds can live. NOAA will take in several marine animals that need tending to and some may not be able to get help. NOAA has a large aquarium for some animals but some don’t make it there.Some animals are just to ill and NOAA response crew can’t get to them in time.NOAA is trying to get a larger response team so all those animals will live.

There are many large oil spills but deepwater horizon has to be the most interesting. Deep water horizon is a oil rig that was in the gulf of mexico and it had several reports of fires polluting the gulf and many write-ups saying they didn’t follow the instructions from the

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