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Demonstrate Standard Precautions That Would Be Used to Prevent the Spread of Infection in Health and Social Care Setting

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I will demonstrate standard precautions that would be used to prevent the spread of infection in health and social care setting. Standard precautions are put into place to reduce the risk of infection spreading. They are the basic level of infection control precautions which are used, as a minimum, in any health and social care setting. All health and social care workplaces should comply to the infection control principles and practices.
Hand hygiene is a major component of standard precautions and it is one of the most effective methods to prevent the spread of infection. Hand hygiene is extremely important; you should ensure that when washing your hands you use warm water and soap. For example after using the restroom you must wash your hands to avoid the risk of infection. All workplaces must provide hand-washing facilities with clean running water.
Also the use of protective equipment should be guided by risk assessment and the extent of contact anticipated with blood, body fluids and pathogens. For example wearing gloves when touching blood, body fluids, secretions, excretions and mucous membranes, you should always change the gloves between tasks and procedures on the same patient after contact with potentially infectious material. Ensure you remove after use, before touching non-contaminated items and surfaces, and before going to another patient. You must always wash your hands immediately after removal. Another example could be a gown, which protects the skin from all of the above I have mentioned. And again you must wash your hands after removal.
When coughing or sneezing it is essential to cover your mouth and nose to prevent the spread of infection. Needle stick and other sharps injuries are a serious hazard in any healthcare setting. Contact with contaminated needles, scalpels, broken glass, and other sharps may expose healthcare workers to blood...

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