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Disciplinary Case Study

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This chapter provides the background and rationale for carrying out this research. There are nine (9) sections in this chapter starting with the overview of disciplinary cases occurred in Army Operation in Section 1.1. Next, Section 1.2 is the research problem statement that will be guiding this research. Subsequently are Section 1.4 and 1.5 that discussed the research question and research objective of this study. Following is Section 1.6 where researcher came up with conceptual framework that is inline with the study. It is followed by the explanation of research methodology that will used to complete this study (Section 1-7) and in Section 1.8 describes what is the significant of this study for …show more content…
It is also the critical part in VUCA element which is Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity it is very important to handle all these issue that arises through the good approach whether in operation, peace time and training period. The disciplinary case happen in the operation area is very hard to identified and very rare. Since 2010 until 2013, disciplinary cases were reported and recorded is only nine cases. All the cases happen more toward against the Standard of Procedure (SOP) Operation are fixed by the Operational Control Head Quarters. The commander at all level should be able to apply their CLM of any situation to make sure that their subordinate is always in good attitude and …show more content…
To analyze the pattern of disciplinary cases in Army operation.
b. To find out the pull and push factors (Intrinsic and Extrinsic Factors) contributing to the disciplinary cases in Army operation.
c. To identify effective solutions to solve discipline problems in Army operation.


Based on the objectives that were identified by the researcher, there are some question arises as follows:

a. What are the patterns of disciplinary cases in Army operation?
b. What are the pull and push factors that contribute to the disciplinary cases in Army operation?
c. Which are the solutions that have been practiced effectively to overcome the discipline problems in Army operation?


All result from this study is only suitable and generalized within this organization and the sample survey. Therefore, it should not be construed as a finding that represents the state of all officers and military personnel in Malaysian Army. In addition, the findings of this study depend on the sincerity and honesty of the respondent in answering the questions. All the factors are responsible for the influence these findings. The other limitation was identified to undergone the studies are

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