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Discussion Board Unit 4

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Discussion Board Unit 4
Introduction to Computers

A. Questions for weekly discussions and conversations.

1. What features or functions of Excel do you feel will likely be most useful to you in helping you achieve your career goals?

I believe Excel will be useful when using it with organizing, tracking expenses, inputting data, and storing information. These different uses will be successful when using them towards my business. I believe the Excel Spreadsheet will be most useful to me. This function will be useful to track the financial data pertaining to the business.

2. What are some of the applications where you can envision using Excel in your personal life?

I can use Excel for making lists for chores, books, dvds, and inventory on household belongings. I can also use Excel with budgeting bills, keeping track of savings and wish lists. There are many different uses that Excel would be beneficial in my personal life.

3. One of the first popular spreadsheets was Visicalc. Research the library or internet to find some of the functions that Excel has now that Visicalc did not have. Briefly describe what one of those functions adds to Excel’s usefulness or makes Excel more useful than Visicalc.

One thing that Excel has now that Visicalc didn’t have was calculating the numerical data. Excel has formulas that you can use to help sum up equations. This function is more useful than Visicalc. It makes it easier for you to pull up the spreadsheet and change numbers and it automatically changes the sum of the equation.

B. Required discussion board assignment.

What is the difference between a workbook and a worksheet?

An Excel worksheet is a single spreadsheet that contains cells organized by rows and columns. An Excel workbook is one or more spreadsheets...

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