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Disease Mangement


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Course Project
Anise Hutcherson
Approaches to Disease Management in Managed Care
DeVry University

Table of Contents

1. Introduction…………………………………………………………….. Page 3 2. Background…………………………………………………………….. Page 4 3. The Challenges and Problems Associated with Disease Management…….. Page 6 4. Review of the Research and Literature…………………………………… Page 8 5. Challenges/Problems Analysis with Disease Management……………….... Page 9 6. Recommend Solutions of Improvements in Disease Management…………..Page 10 7. Implementation of Solutions in Disease Management in Managed Care Industry..Page 11 8. Justification………………………………………………………………… Page 12 9. Summary and Conclusion…………………………………………………...Page 14 10. Works Cited-References………………………………………………….. Page 16

It is very well known how most physicians or healthcare facilities and organizations handle diseases in our society in my opinion. Managed care for diseases are mostly not focused on, it is for large populations. But typically physicians do try to focus on individuals however once you throw MCO in the mix it becomes similar to a farmer caring for cattle which I hate to say. And I am very much passionate about this subject because of my experience in the very arena. Before I had a stable job with wonderful health insurance, I relied on government paid insurance for a minute and during that time I was diagnosed with Lupus which is a autoimmune disease with no cure. However, while battling this disease I realized how different the treatment I received from physicians in certain organization versus physicians that treat patients that may be low income. Once I upgraded to better insurance, I was able to great doctors and receive the treatment that has me in remission now because of the focused care I received. It is very sad to me of what I witnessed with the elderly

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