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Dissertation on Analysis of Competitor Games

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Dissertation on Analysis of Competitor Games


1.0 Introduction…………………………………………………………………………….5

1.1 Aims and Objectives of the Study....... 6

2.0 Project Approach 7

2.2 Background…………………………………………………………………………….9

2.3 Current Problem 9

2.4 Solution 10

2.5 Why Educational game fails? 11

2.6 Why are arcade games so popular 11

Arcade games 11

2.7 Why games on a computer are better? 12

2.8 Tables 13

2.9 Figures 14

3.0 Approach or Methodology………………………………………………………………15

3.2 Why is methodology important 15

3.3 Software Methodology 16

3.4 Chosen Methodology (the Waterfall Methodology) 17

3.5 Summary 19

4.0 Analysis……………………………………………………………………………….19

4.1 Survey 19

4.2 Data 20

4.3 Unity 5 Game Engine 25

5.0 Implementation………………………………………………………………………..25

5.1 Design 25

List of Tables and Figures
Table 2.8 A risk analysis table 12

Figure 2.9 A generic model of the Final Year Project 13


The main purpose of this project is to implement an educational game where children would enjoy learning mathematics without having the pressure of being in a controlled environment. An article by Dr. Brent Conrad on teaching addiction stated that “children consume just over three hours of media and two thirds is spent on screen media e.g. TV, Computers etc. while traditional reading is less than 20 minutes. We can clearly take this opportunity and be able to engage the children in a way that they will find enjoyable while increasing their knowledge. Moreover I believe that the time that today’s children spend on media will be more constructive as they will be learning mathematics which could further improve their life skills....

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