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MGT3114-01 Spring 2016
Line Balancing Homework
Due: April, 6th 2016

Page 277 #1: An assembly line with 17 tasks is to be balanced. The longest task is 2.4 minutes, and the total time for all tasks is 18 minutes. The line will operate 450 minutes a day. a) What are the minimum and maximum cycle times? b) What range of output is theoretically possible for the line? c) What is the minimum number of workstations needed if the maximum output rate is to be sought? d) What cycle time will provide an output rate of 125 units per day? e) What output potential will result if the cycle time is (1) 9 minutes? (2) 15 minutes?

Page 278 #4: A producer of inkjet printers is planning to add a new line of printers, and you have been asked to balance the process, given the following task times and precedence relationships. Assume that cycle time is to be the minimum possible.
Task Length (minutes) Immediate Predecessor
A 0.2 -----
B 0.4 A
C 0.3 -----
D 1.3 B, C
E 0.1 -----
F 0.8 E
G 0.3 D, F
H 1.2 G

A.) Do each of the following: 1. Draw the precedence diagram 2. Assign task to stations in order of greatest number of following tasks 3. Determine the percentage of idle time 4. Compute the rate of output in printers per day that could be expected for this line assuming a 420-minute working day

Page 278 #5: As part of a major plant renovation project, the industrial engineering department has been asked to balance a revised assembly operation to achieve an output of 240 units per eight-hour day. Task times and precedence relationships are follows:
Task Duration (minutes) Immediate Predecessor
A 0.2 -----
B 0.4 A
C 0.2 B
D 0.4 -----
E 1.2 D
F 1.2 C
G 1.0 E, F

Do each of the following: a) Draw the precedence diagram b) Determine the minimum cycle time, the maximum cycle time, and the calculated cycle time c) Determine the minimum number of stations needed d) Assign tasks to workstations (use rules for this class)


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