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For the guys:

So, you like two girls. Maybe more, it sucks, torn between them, not knowing which one to go for, right? The bad idea is to go for both (or in some cases, “all”) of them. What I’m here to do is try to help you narrow down which girl you should go for. Not to be mean or picky, but it’s just sort of a guideline.

How do I know which one to chase after?

More often than not, each of these girls will be different, both in personality or lifestyle. Maybe from different cliques, different cultures, whatever, but I’ll try to go over what I can.

Girl #1 - DGAF Chick

This is sort of self explanatory… the DGAF girl doesn’t well… give a fxck. She likes to party, flirts a lot, and has fun being single. There’s a good chance that she drinks, hopefully no drugs, but she’s fun to be around. Usually hangs out with a lot of guys, so that could prove, um, “worrying.” The fact that she hangs out with all these dudes can mean that you’ll get jealous, A LOT, and that you’ll get sort of protective of her. The constant flirting also sends off a lot of mixed messages. Do not go for this girl.Chances are, you’ll be happy that it seems like she’s into you up until you find out she’s like that to almost every guy. You got played, son.

Girl #2 - The Shy Girl

The Shy Girl is usually really cutesy, and usually hangs out with a lot of other cutesy girls too. Probably a little awkward around guys, but in a good way. They’re usually really nice, and actually pretty sweet, so if you get them mad you know you did something wrong. To be honest, it’s kind of easy to tell whether or not she likes you, ‘cause she’ll probably smile real big, blush, or try to hold in some of her feelings if you do something sweet for her, or you two come into eye contact. Do go for this girl. Don’t let her butterflies get the best of the soon-to-be relationship, because she’s

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