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Interviewing and Investigation

Draft Interview Questions

Fernando X Zambrano

Interviewing and Investigation/ P203 Unit 3 Assignment

Professor David Weigel

October 11, 2011

Draft Interview Questions

In January, 2002, Bill and Hillary were involve in a car accident while driving in a country road in Chappaqua, New York. They got hit by a snowplow on head on collision, Bill suffered a fracture vertebra, a broken arm, and multiple tears along his back and shoulder. Bill also received cuts and bruises on his face.
Upon accepting the representation of Bill and Hillary my supervising Attorney ask me to prepare and gather all the information necessary to help the client with the representation, at these time Bill has being return to work and had hard time to do the work due to the injuries he received in the accident, and also he continue to incur in more medical expenses. Bill also mention that his HMO has paid some of the medicals expenses, when it should be the responsibility of the insurance company. With Bill consent and permission I call the doctor the Doctors office to get copies of all the medical records and expenses, I also ask the same from the HMO to get as much information before drafting the questioner for Bill and all the witnesses. The medical record arrive by courier from the doctor's office ( the firm is charge $100 dollars for the delivery) at the same time the HMO send via fax the record. While analyzing and comparison the medical records and charges notice several discrepancies in what the doctor office charge and the HMO payment for the services, even charges that the HMO paid the Doctor is not reflect in the medical records, for example there some laboratory charges for hemodialysis over the course of four months that come to the amount of $ 540.00 dollars per test, the doctor...

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