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Dvanced External Auditing [Au2] Examination Blueprint 2013/2014


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Advanced External Auditing [AU2] Examination Blueprint 2013/2014 Purpose The Advanced External Auditing [AU2] examination has been constructed using an examination blueprint. The blueprint, also referred to as the test specifications, outlines the content areas covered on the examination and the weighting allotted to each content area. This document also lists the topics, the level of competence for each topic, and the related learning objectives and competencies. The learning objectives have been designed to ensure that the competencies are met. In addition, information is provided on the proportion of each question type presented in the examination (that is, multiple choice, quantitative problems, and so on). Use Candidates should use the examination blueprint to prepare for the course examination. The blueprint may not include all the topics listed in the course materials; however, candidates are still responsible for acquiring a broad-based knowledge of all topics not listed in the blueprint since these topics will be tested in assignment and review questions. The topics not listed in the blueprint will also provide candidates with a greater depth of understanding of auditing concepts. Examination Objectives The objective of the 4-hour comprehensive examination is to test CGA candidates on the prerequisite knowledge required for advancement into PA1 and PA2, so as to ensure that the candidates have the broad-based knowledge in assurance needed to function properly in the association’s capstone courses. Examination Guidelines for Questions


Question Type The following are guidelines on the type of questions and their approximate weightings:
Percentage Weighting 20-30% 70-80%

Question Item Multiple-choice questions Short-answer and/or short case-type problems and/or a longer case-type problem of both a qualitative and quantitative nature.


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